BUCK PAGE is a legend in the music industry. He is the founding member of his Riders of the Purple Sage est. 1936. Buck and the music he loves represent a cherished era unique to the History of America that will endure forever.

Buck is determined to share his love of Western Music. His life continues to be dedicated to help ensure that this powerful style of “AMERICAN MUSIC’ is sent out with the class that has been Western Music’s timeless signature.

Order your CD today!Buck has recently completed his “Historic” first solo recording that continues in the fine tradition that he has dedicated his life to. This new CD is already proving to be a “Classic” with many new songs never before recorded. Listen for the “Award Winning” vocals of R.W. Hampton as he joined Buck on “Ridin on the Last Trail Home” & “Quiet Times”. Buck was also joined by the “Daughters of the Purple Sage” as they added their beautiful, Western harmony to “Lay it on the Line”.

Very soon, we will be releasing Buck’s documentary. You will be led by R.W. Hampton through Buck’s seven decades of Cowboy Western Music. From Buck’s early days in the 1930’s when Cowboy Music reached out and touched the hearts of all Americans. Through WWII, “Rock & Roll” and right up into the 21st Century when the same music reaches out and touches the hearts of all Americans in the exact same way. Don Edwards shares his unsurpassed knowledge of Western Music’s History and Ginny Mac, at 19 talks about her discovery of Western Music and continued love for the style as an award winning artist. “The Lost Canyon Rangers” join in the documentary and share their long time love of Cowboy Western Music and their thoughts of Buck.

Buck is always available for special appearances and performances. His Classic Style and Western wit continue to entertain.

***Watch for Buck’s three up and coming music videos***

*Historic Note: Foy Willings “Riders of the Purple Sage” were active and enjoyed from 1943 -1952. During this time period, Buck Page was not a part of Foy's "Riders". We recognize and thank Foy and his "Riders of the Purple Sage" for there many contributions to Western Music. Buck started the “Riders of the Purple Sage” in 1936 and was active on “Coast to Coast” radio and extensive touring through 1942 when he and the other members joined the armed forces to serve our Country. Buck continued on with his “Riders” only after Foy disbanded in 1952 and still enjoys an active life as a Cowboy Western Entertainer.

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