Q__How did you get started in the music business?
A__I grew up in a family of musicians. I always had an instrument in my hands at a very early age

Q__How would you describe you music?
A__My music is the type that all ages can enjoy. What I mean by that is, we talk about what is real in the world, it can be funny, or it can be tragedy. But, Cowboy music is not disrespectful and the people who enjoy it never have to worry about the content. Musically, true Cowboy or as some still say, Western Music is played with the highest quality of musicianship. You can find elements of Jazz, and swing with the music structured in a way that is not the simple 3 chord song

Q__What do you hope your music does for your listeners?
A__When I say ďmy musicĒ, I really mean all of Cowboy type, Western Music, thatís my love. My hope is that when people listen to my music they are taken to a place that will let them walk away for just a moment from the fast passed, stressed life that we all face each day. The songs can help you remember the simple treasures in life that can be forgotten very easy.

Q__Why did you want to become a musician?
A__I never thought of much else. It was just the natural thing to do for me. Remember, I was 11 when I started playin in my first band and at 13 I started the ĎRiders of the Purple SageĒ. It was full time music from then on. Even during my years in the Navy I was in a band playin bass.

Q__What inspires you?
A__People inspire me. I never worried much about a recording contract. Maybe I should have but I love to share my love of music with people. Iíve done plenty of studio work and it is fun and challenging and pays the bills. But, nothing is better than going from town to town and sharing music with people.

Q__Who are some people you have worked with?
A__Iíve been very lucky, I not only have worked with many very talented musicians and entertainers, but Iíve had the chance to get to know some great people along my trail. Some people never got the credit for what they had to offer. I learned long ago that many people get into the lime light and if it werenít for the people behind them, they would be nothing. For example, my producer, Joe DiBlasi. I donít think you can go a weed listening to the radio or watching TV that you donít hear something that he has played on, produced or arranged. That goes the same for all the fine talent that played on my new CD. In fact, Dennis Caplinger who played banjo and fiddle just worked on Eric Claptonís new record.

Iíve spent my time being proud to have known Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Willie Nelson and many more.
Recently I have to say that RW Hampton has been a highlight in my career. He is the real deal when I look at the younger entertainers. His musical talents are only over shadowed by his ethics and morals. He was kind enough to come in from his home in New Mexico and sing on ďQuiet TimeĒ and ďRidin on the Last Trail Homeí.

Q__Is there anyone you would like to work with?
A__I think more than working with other artists. There is one venue that sticks in my mind. After over 70 years of entertaining I would love to stand on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Ya know, the opera is Bluegrass, Country and now even pop at times. I would love to be a part of that institution as a Western entertainer.

Q__Where do you hope to go next with your work?
A__I want to go where the people want me to be. Thatís what itís all about. The people and what they enjoy. Iíd love to do a Gospel project and were talking about that. At 83 Iím glad to go just about anywhere, LOL

Q__What are your long term goals? Short term goals?
A__My goals have always stayed the same. Just keep moving forward and doing the best ya can with what is placed before you. During the recording project I took a fall and spent 15 hours on my kitchen floor until they found me. My goal at that time what to just try and walk again.

Q__Is there anyone you worked with that helped you reach where you are at now that you would like to thank?
A__I had the chance to study with George Smith and Barney Kessel who were two of the greatest guitar players ever. What I learned from them was allowed me to be what I am today. Another great inspiration to me has recently been my producer, Joe DiBlasi. He is one of the greatest musicians I have worked with to date. He is also instrumental in helping me develop my sound using todayís technology. Ya know, when I was active in recording in the old days, we all stood around one microphone. Thatís the way it was for radio and for records. Later, I had the chance to work in more sophisticated recording studios, but technology has long flown its way past me. Joe was able to capture that Western/ Cowboy sound and it doesnít sound like its being played through a computer like most of the music these days.

Q__What was your life like growing up?
A__My life was hard but good. I worked hard but was raised right with good values. Not much more you could ask for. Iíve been lucky to see the world change in many ways. Some changes are questionable in my opinion while others save lives.

Q__What did you want to be when you were little?
A__Like many children who were lucky enough to live in a different time, I had great roll models. I wanted to be a cowboy.

Q__Is there anything else you would like to add?
A__Iím a very luck man. I have my health and many years of wonderful memories. My biggest accomplishment is found in my relationship with God and my friends. Thatís a mans wealth.